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10 Reasons Clients Use Staffing Companies

The staffing industry continues to grow and provide value to clients across every level of government and every type of industry.

Our services are used for many and varied reasons, so here are just ten reasons why we exist.

"More employers than ever are struggling to fill open jobs - 45% globally say they can't find the skills they need, up from 40% in 2017 and the highest in over a decade." Manpower 2018 Global Talent Shortage Survey

  1. Broad reach. The staffing industry spend their days looking for talent, talking to talent, receiving resumes from talent and building databases that track that talent. Our clients take advantage of that reach which most would have difficulty achieving themselves.

  2. Focused. We find great people for our clients ... that is our core competence. Our clients are focused on their core competence. I don't try to build pipelines, provide telecommunication services or manage people's money. Our clients get professionals to help them with their staffing needs.

  3. Fast. Our clients need talent now, and that is exactly what we do.

  4. Cost effective. Some people have trouble with this, but paying a staffing company is an extremely cost effective way to recruit. Your people stay focused on what your company does. A fast hire means faster productivity. The cost of the client's time and the improved productivity of their teams makes it a no brainer from a cost perspective.

  5. Strengthen teams. Our clients use our services to proactively improve the quality of their teams. They replace poor performers with top talent... a huge win.

  6. Fill a gap. One of the most obvious uses of staffing services. A maternity leave replacement, a project that needs to be done, a short term increase in demand... all serviced by your staffing provider.

  7. Flexibility. Clients just can't staff up with full time employees to meet all their needs. We give them flexibility in their staffing levels, to meet short term or project demands. There are any number of reasons why a well run company wants to have this kind of flexibility.

  8. Market knowledge. Staffing companies know what people are making in the market, know who else is looking for those people, understands what their client needs to do... and brings that knowledge and expertise to the table.

  9. Anonymity. Clients sometimes need to strengthen their teams through "head hunting". They don't want their name associated with the calls going out into the marketplace, so they use staffing companies and search companies.

  10. Easy. Like any services industry, we need to make life easier for our clients. They give us their hiring problems and we make them go away. Easy.

  11. Industry knowledge and activism. Employment laws are changed regularly, and this can cause issues for our clients. We bring a deep knowledge of these issues, and actively lobby and educate regulators at every level of government to avoid harmful legislation.

"Nearly one-third of employers say the main reason they can't fill roles is a lack of applicants. Another 20% say candidates lack the necessary experience." Manpower 2018 Global Talent Shortage Survey

At a time when staffing levels are being impacted by globalisation, demographic pressure, skills shortages and technological advances the staffing industry brings huge value to our clients.

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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