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Twelve thoughts on advice that might make you think a little!

"Free advice is often overpriced."


  1. Good advice can make a huge difference in your life... opening opportunity, saving on potential errors and saving time.

  2. We get all kinds of advice (good and bad) from all kinds of people (qualified and not).

  3. Advice is cheap, yet what you do with that advice can be expensive... whether it is good advice or bad

  4. It is my opinion that the most useful advice is based upon the experience of the adviser.

  5. In my experience, the most opinionated "advisers" tend to be those who are expounding theories rather than facts.

  6. You may need to earn advice from those most qualified to give it.

  7. Good advice generally tends to be tougher to implement than bad advice.

  8. It is wise to look for advice... but important that you understand who is giving it.

  9. Even though advice can be risky, getting advice is preferable to not getting advice.

  10. Bad advice can be as important as good advice... as long as you recognise it is bad advice! eg. When rap stars suggest reading is not necessary!

  11. Given that we all benefit from receiving advice, it is incumbent upon us all to give good advice where we can.

  12. We are all responsible for our own destiny, IT is not the fault of anyone who gave you bad advice!

"Advice is like cooking--you should try it before you feed it to others."

Croft M Pentz

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