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Having a Bad Day?

We all have them ... yup even me!

You know what it is like ... the car won't start; you spill your coffee on your shirt on your way to a client appointment; a client is upset and rips a strip off you; the boss gives you grief because you are behind on your paperwork! Maybe you have been stuck at home for a year because of a pandemic ... and today it just gets to you!

That kind of day! You wonder if you should have bothered getting out of bed!

These are the days when you need to be extra nice to yourself. Here are some ideas:

- Remember that EVERYONE has these days ... don't feel special in THAT way!

- Think only positive thoughts ... don't let the demons in!

- Remind yourself of your successes (have a notebook where you capture al of these thoughts, and drag it out when you need it).

- Write down all the positive things you can think of in your life ... healthy, relationships that are good, nice car, nice clothes ... whatever is good for you.

- Get organized. If you let all these "issues" build up they will feel overwhelming. Deal with things one at a time in an orderly fashion!

- Get some friends to be nice to you ... bring you coffee (if they are allowed), treat you like a friend. (You can reciprocate when they are down!)

- Let those around you know that you are having a tough day, just don't whine, or expect special treatment ... but maybe some will be nice.

- Treat yourself when you can ... buy yourself a special coffee, have a nicer lunch than normal.

- Collect favorite positive messages that you can bring out at times like these. Quotes, poems, stories that are uplifting.

- Remember those who are less fortunate so that you can put your own situation into perspective.

- Try to do something for someone else ... help the foodbank, a shelter or maybe a pet charity. It is amazing how much helping others can help us to feel better!

Most important of all ... do not feel sorry for yourself!

Prep yourself to start tomorrow feeling GREAT, because people don't want to have to "baby" their colleagues TOO long! :-)

"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain."

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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