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Everyone experiences it at some time or other.

You hit a brick wall and can't seem to move anything forward.

You experience an inertia that is really hard to break!

It happens for a myriad of reasons ...

The tasks you are working on are REALLY hard ... and you are not sure about how to proceed.

They might just be very complicated problems, with multiple components and likely multiple stakeholders that need to be satisfied.

Your problems might be emotional ... it is very common for people with a big emotional issue to deal with, to "shut down" and try to avoid making decisions or moving the issue forward.

It might just be a REALLY BIG issue or problem that seems too overwhelming.

Whatever it is that causes the inertia, you need to find a way to break that deadlock.

Salespeople will experience this (often?) when things take a big turn for the worse in their territory.

I expect the pandemic has seen an epidemic of inertia amongst salespeople!

Their clients are not buying, nobody wants to even talk to them, all of their old contacts are "hunkered down" and not offering hope.

The sales manager is breathing down their neck and they don't know what to do!

Whether you are a salesperson in that situation, a manager facing a challenge, one half of a couple in "mid divorce" or in some other situation there is one clear truth ... inaction is NOT going to help, so you need to break through the inertia!

Some thoughts ...

1. The best way to overcome inertia is to create some momentum ...ANY momentum.

2. You need some kind of plan, that at minimum defines the problem(s) and a high level set of actions that need to happen.

3. We start to build momentum by "doing something" ... anything that moves your agenda forward.

4. Start small... get small wins and use them to fuel your energy.

5. Lean on your friends... we all need help sometimes, and true friends will find ways to help.

6. Focus! When you are in that state of inertia you will have difficulty in focusing, your mind will be going a mile a minute, so you need to focus on that one thing you can do ... and then the next thing!

7. Don't be hard on yourself ... we all face challenges and it is how we respond to them that defines us!

8. Once you build some momentum keep it going... Newton said, "An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion". You will find that same concept applies to intangibles like progress.

Life comes with lots of challenges, when they get so big that they stop you in your tracks you have two choices ... give up or keep going!

What will you do?

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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