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10 Signs Your Sales Rep is Struggling

In a perfect world a manager will know how well, or not, their salespeople are doing.

They can then help course correct, adjust strategy or provide training in time to ensure that they deliver as expected.

However we rarely operate in a perfect world and one thing salepeople seem to universally good at doing, is hiding their sins!

So ... here are ten signs that just maybe your salesperson is not doing as well as they might have you believe.

  1. Lack of Results. The obvious indicator, but sometimes we don't get the numbers until too late. In many cases the numbers are a result of effort done previously, so by the time we have the numbers, the problem has been around for a while!

  2. Lack of activity. This is a classic. Very often salespeople who are struggling will be spending more time in the office, more time "researching" prospects and less time selling.

  3. Lack of relationships. Great salespeople have a wide network and are always adding to it. Salespeople can be successful with a small network, but that also makes them vulnerable .. a key contact leaves and suddenly the results go South! Don't let your salespeople coast with a few key contacts!

  4. Lack of direction. The successful salesperson will know exactly what they need to do to keep their success going, the struggling salesperson will seem a little lost, perhaps distracted and not sure where to spend their time.

  5. Lack of facts. Struggling salespeople will talk in generalities. "It was a GREAT meeting", "the client is going to be spending", or perhaps "I'm sure things are picking up". A little digging, asking very specific questions about detail will uncover the reality that the salesperson is operating on the "hope and a prayer" plan!

  6. Lack of effort. Nothing saps energy out of salespeople like a slump. Just when they should be upping the ante, they are demotivated and not putting in the effort.

  7. Lack of focus. A struggling salesperson will often go into panic mode, chasing everything rather than executing against a well thought out plan.

  8. Lack of energy. Related to number 6, but a struggling salesperson might feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. Their usual energy is not evident and they seem to be slower and less "vital" than usual.

  9. Lack of ideas. Successful salespeople are creative, and always finding new ways to grow their business. When a slump hits they might be out of ideas, struggling to find ways to change their situation.

  10. Lack of confidence. All of the above are manifest in a general lack of confidence, and a need for help ... although salespeople are not always good at recognising that they need help or at asking for it!

Early recognition that a salesperson is struggling makes the fix so much easier.

The longer the slump goes on, the harder it is to turn around.

Recognise the signs and work with your salesperson to come up with actions that will change their situation, because as we all know the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." (Thank you Einstein).