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Earn Your Credibility

Credibility is a big word ... and some people seem to have trouble understanding it.

Credibility is earned ... not given.

When you have credibility THEN the world opens up for you.

Until you EARN that credibility, you really need to be very focused on just that!

Whether you are an entry level person, a manager, an executive OR even a company ... it is the same thing.

You EARN credibility by delivering, by doing the job and by demonstrating your capabilities.

You do NOT earn credibility based on what you did at a previous job, what you did last year or because you talk a good game.

For most of us that means working just a little harder, maybe even a little longer and doing just a little more than everyone else ... because you need to differentiate yourself and demonstrate your worth.

If you are really focused on success you will never stop doing a little more!

Until you have credibility you don't have the luxury of making that choice!

"Results matter. They matter to your credibility."

Stephen Covey

EARN your credibility.

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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