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Regional Job Market Update for Toronto, Ontario (April 2021)

There is no doubt that the IT contracting job market in Toronto is hot across all major industries right now, but the drivers of clients' high-demand varies by organization.

Almost all have been continuing to improve their capabilities to support remote, work-from home environments, and many are also now thinking about return-to-work strategies and the types of infrastructure upgrades required to support the "new office". This is including a focus on accessibility, new cloud environments and, of course, the security considerations that come hand-in-hand with these types of projects.

Organizations in the Toronto area are also picking up projects that were left behind at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, plus playing catch-up on all of the new projects and requirements that have arisen in the past year. For example, the Telco industry is continuing to build out applications with a focus on delivering the best experience, players in the finance industry are focusing on regulatory projects and upgrades, while the public sector is constantly adapting to changing demands and adjusting services to meet the existing pandemic reality.

With all of that, it's no wonder we're seeing high demand for technology professionals across the board, and there's specifically more requirements for specialists in Security, Data, Development (notably Mobile Developers), Cloud Infrastructure, and DevOps. Clients would prefer to get these skills coupled with industry experience; however, they're accepting that is not always possible. Overall, hiring is happening quickly so job seekers and clients alike need to make fast decisions to avoid missing out.

It would make sense that the first instinct of many IT contractors in this environment is to raise rates, but we still advise to be cautious here. It's no secret that most projects out there are remote work opportunities and, while some clients still want 'local enough' contractors who could get in for a face-to-face meeting on occasion, many gigs are being open Canada-wide, if not internationally. In other words, the spike in demand is being met with an increased supply and rates are holding still. To add to that, local contractors are noting that work-from-home in Toronto brings a significant reduction in commuting expenses, meaning they can make rates slightly more competitive without losing out on their bottom line.

We're also seeing a number Toronto-based contractors take advantage of the existing landscape and expand their own geographic limits. They're exploring remote job opportunities and gaining experience with new clients and industries in other cities, therefore increasing their own competitiveness in the future. Eagle's job board highlights remote jobs here. If you haven't already, we encourage you to explore all of our jobs and update your profile with us to ensure we have your latest information on file.