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Use Productive Mini-Breaks to Improve Your Productivity

How often are you swamped with urgent. "must do" tasks that absolutely consume your day?

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that happens to a lot of people. The work needs to get done, so you put your head down and do it.

One problem is that other important tasks slip ... some of which will become urgent in time.

If you are in sales that might mean you are not setting up appointments with clients, not doing customer service calls or otherwise hurting your reputation and your pipeline.

IF you commit to taking 5 minutes every hour and knocking off one of your quicker, important tasks then you can significantly increase your productivity!

Here is how it might work for a salesperson.

  1. Have an up to date To Do list ... a critical item for any good time management practices.

  2. Identify the quick hit, important tasks. Setting up meetings; returning client calls; customer service calls; prospect calls.

  3. Block off 5 minutes each hour in your calendar, and set up an alert.

  4. When the alert goes, stop work on the large task .... proposal work, reporting, billing or any other time consuming task ... and give 100% focus for five minutes to knocking off some quick hits. At the end of the day you should have 6 or 7 of those small, but important tasks crossed off your list.

Some of the benefits:

  1. It ALWAYS feels good to cross tasks off the To Do list.

  2. You will have created momentum with your quick hit tasks that will be apparent as soon as you finish the big task.

  3. You will have meetings already in your calendar that would not be there if you had not done this.

  4. Very likely the large task will take no longer, because the breaks allow you to be more productive when you go back to the task.

  5. Your To Do list will NOT feel like a mountain to climb because you have been chipping away at it.

This little trick will help you to be more productive and in sales that typically affects your earnings!

PS. This trick will work in most professions, because it is difficult to stay 100% focused on one task for hours at a time, the mini-breaks are used productively rather than chatting with a colleague!

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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