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Words Are Easy ... Credibility Needs Action!

If I tell you that I can be trusted does that make it so?

If I tell you "it" will work does that make it so?

If I tell you I have a certain experience does that make it so?

Personally I tend to err on the side of naiivety, preferring to believe what people tell me ... until I find out different.

However when I am dealing with salespeople I expect them to demonstrate credibility to me. I think that is the same with any buyer, so if you are a salesperson you MUST establish credibility, and that can ONLY be done through ACTION!

It is likely that any salesperson will be reasonably good with words, and may have a pleasant character ... but ultimately the "pretender" will be found out!

A salesperson can build credibility over time by:

(a) repeatedly making promises (no matter how small) and delivering (their own action);

(b) through references from trusted sources with whom they have ALREADY established credibility (again their own action, but elsewhere);

(c) to a certain degree, on the back of colleagues who have established credibility (someone else's action).

A salesperson is anyone trying to sell you something (including an idea) ... no matter what their title, sales person, CEO, Leader of any kind!

I meet smooth talking, seemingly capable people all the time ... not ALL live up to their self professed billing!

“Establishing trust is better than any sales technique.”

Mike Puglia

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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