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Are You Achieving Your Potential?

We are all born with certain talents.

We all have the ability to improve those talents through education, practice and effort ... and we can do this at any time in our lives.

Some people will take full advantage of those talents and others will not.

Robert Schuller asked the question, "What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

The intent of that question was to make us think about why we are not chasing our dreams or reaching for goals.

If the fear of failure were eliminated then would we have some goal in mind?

If so, then why not go for it?

Here are a few thoughts on this subject:

  1. When humans are forced into situations they can accomplish incredible feats. Think about the stories of people who survived great hardships, or the heroic stories we hear about people who found themselves in tough situations.

  2. When we decide to "go for it" we are proven to be able to achieve great things too ... think about professional athletes or even very successful entrepreneurs.

  3. Failure is not a terrible thing. Through failure we learn invaluable lessons. Each new attempt will bring us closer to our goal. There are many people who have achieved great things, before which they had many failures ... think Abraham Lincoln.

  4. We can fake ourselves out easily ... by focusing on all the things that can go wrong and the possibility of failure. OR we can focus on making it happen.

  5. Why do we need to be forced? Why do you need circumstance to push you?

We all get one go around at life.

Why not take our talents and make the most of them?

Why not give ourselves goals, and go for them?

Why not achieve our potential?

What is stopping you?