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The Wonder of Mistakes!

If you have been around the workplace long enough then you will have made your fair share of mistakes, I know I have!

There are a few things to know about mistakes …

1. EVERYONE makes them … sometimes they are more public than others, sometimes they have more significance than others … but EVERYONE makes them.
2. How you react to a mistake is more important than making the mistake.
3. Mistakes are a great way to learn … the individual(s) involved will certainly be very careful the next time and those around will not want to be in that position!
4. Mistakes should be treated as just that … not the end of the world, not a reason to write someone off, not a reason to vilify someone … just a way for the individual (s) and their organization to learn and get better.
5. How an organization and its management react to a mistake tells a lot about the culture.

If you take Einstein’s quote you will quickly realize that if people are not making mistakes then maybe the organization is not “pushing the envelope” enough?

We live in a world that is changing so rapidly that we need to be changing with it … if you are changing then things will go wrong occasionally, if you are not changing then you will become irrelevant and the fact you made no mistakes on the way to irrelevance will just not be important!

Hopefully I will continue to make mistakes into the future … because I WANT to push the envelope , learn, change, evolve and be relevant in a fast paced world economy!

“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” 

Winston Churchill

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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