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Decisions ... and Consequences!

Back in 2006 at the World Cup final between Italy and France we saw a great example of poor decision making in the heat of the moment.

There have been many such decisions made over the years, but this is one that sticks with me ... perhaps because of my English "football" roots!

In probably the most watched sporting event in the world, after weeks of competition two of the great footballing nations squared off in the final.

It was a tight game, with an uncertain outcome right up until that poor decision.

A decision that saw one of the World's greatest players, a noted statesman within the game, ejected for head butting an opponent.

Zinedine Zidane probably still regrets that decision.

A seasoned professional, playing his last game before retiring from the game.

He was Captain of the French team.

He let the Italian defender get under his skin!

For Canadians this would have been like Wayne Gretsky playing as Captain of Canada in the Olympic final as his last game ever and pulling a "Todd Bertuzzi" sucker punch!


Even the greatest players, those at the top of their game, can make decisions that they regret.

The problem in those situations is that there is no recovery, once the head-butt was delivered the Italian player was, true to form, going to act like he was shot with a cannon and the red card was inevitable.

Once we make a bad decision there are consequences!

In our own day to day dealings most of us get a chance to think about, and even revisit, our decisions giving us time to, hopefully make the right choice.

Sometimes we don't take advantage of that time, we might react in anger or in appropriately ... and then consequences arrive!

The best advice that I can offer on this subject is to be true to your core values, and to not be impulsive with your decisions.

Whatever the circumstances, it is important to weigh up the consequences!

Zinedine Zidane forgot himself for a few seconds and decked the annoying Italian defender.

His decision meant the French team played out the match with 10 men and subsequently lost.

Individually we need to make decisions cognisant of consequences, good and bad!

In business, leaders need to exercise that same restraint.

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”

John C. Maxwell

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