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Some What Ifs that Could Change Your Life!


Ponder the following questions … I mean REALLY think about them!

How would your world change if you changed your mindset?

1. What if… you went started work each day with the same enthusiasm that you leave work?

2. What if… you spent your time focused on the possibilities ahead of you, rather than the regrets behind you?

3. What if… you focused on GIVING and let the RECEIVING just happen?

4. What if… you looked for the GOOD in people, rather than noticing the things that “bother” you?

5. What if… you spent as much time working on your challenges, as you do worrying about them?

6. What if… you looked for ways to fix and improve rather than make excuses?

7. What if… you spent an hour a day on self improvement and an hour less a day doing less fruitful activities?

8. What if… you smiled instead of frowned?

9. What if… you took charge of your health instead of sitting on the couch?

10. What if… everyone did these things?

Please KNOW that there is NOTHING stopping you from doing ALL of this … except YOU!

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right"

Henry Ford

Start slow.

Focus on one thing and change it.

Then the next, and the next ... before you know it your life is changing!

Kevin Dee is the founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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I write these articles with the intent of sharing MY experience and knowledge gained during MY life journey. From the 16 year old joining the Royal Navy, through many incarnations, to the grey haired guy who built a business. If you find a nugget here, then I am happy. If the message offends you then I apologise, that was never my intent. I know and recognize there are many people and groups who have a far bigger challenge than I have had and I only wish you well.