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Make the Most of Your 8 Hours


First let's look at WHY you should want to be your most productive.

Then we can look at what you might DO to be productive!

WHY should you be your most productive?

  • It feels good.

  • It is how you get ahead.

  • If you have variable compensation it is how you earn more.

  • It is probably the only job security available in the modern workplace.

  • If you can be super productive in your 8 hours then you should not NEED to work longer ... giving you more personal time.

  • You have to work anyway, so why not be the best you can?

  • If you are working from home and being super productive, you might just get to stay working from home!

What can you do?

  • Drive your day as much as you possibly can ... rather than being reactive to things that drive you.

  • Prioritize work and focus your efforts where the highest return is.

  • Be a planner ... plan your day, your week, your month, your quarter and ultimately your year!

  • Develop GOOD work habits.

  • Be VERY conscious of where you are spending your time ... and focus the majority of your time on high return activity.

  • Minimize wasted time.

  • Look for ways to be more efficient.

  • Ask for advice.

  • Invest in yourself... training and development, both company sponsored and personally.

"I must govern the clock, not be governed by it."

Golda Meir

There is a lot of self satisfaction from being good at your job.

I often explain to people that the work we do every day is for us, not for our boss.

The skills we learn, and the experience we get, stay with us for life, AND position us for future success.

Our boss only gets the benefit while we are in this job.

As the slogan once said, "Be all that you can be."

Kevin Dee is the founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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I write these articles with the intent of sharing MY experience and knowledge gained during MY life journey. From the 16 year old joining the Royal Navy, through many incarnations, to the grey haired guy who built a business. If you find a nugget here, then I am happy. If the message offends you then I apologise, that was never my intent. I know and recognize there are many people and groups who have a far bigger challenge than I have had and I only wish you well.