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As mentioned in a recent blog entry I have volunteered to be one of the participants in a “white collar boxing” event designed to raise money for cancer research.  This will be the fourth annual Fight for the Cure,and I wrote a blog entry about my participation called Are You Willing to Give … Blood!

The event is March 26th and training was going well, right up until Christmas and a sprained MCL which manifest itself while in the ring sparring!  Ouch … big ouch!  So here I am still trying to rehab my knee and hoping to get back to training soon … before my opponent gets too far ahead of me!

What to do?  what to do?

My physio told me I can get back on a bike, and I reintroduced my spinning bike to my training regimen, I am doing some upper body weights, I am doing abs … but I am not learning to box!  Never fear I have a secret weapon!!!  Kevuary!

Those who read that blog entry will know it is my annual four weeks without alcohol, and I am getting close to the end of a traditional Kevuary which I started January 1st this year.  So … as demonstration of my commitment I am going to continue Kevuary (except for that one week Mexican vacation in late February) right through to march 26th.

Tony … be scared!  All that non-boxing training coupled with a three month Kevuary means you will have trouble catching me in that ring!!!  I’m thinking the next step will be even more drastic … praying for a recovery that gives me a couple of months training before I get in the ring!!!

To all my friends … cross your fingers for me!!

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