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10 Reasons to Attend Canada’s Staffing Conference – Niagara Falls in May

I recently blogged about the value of attending industry conferences for anyone, in any industry.  If you are in the staffing industry in Canada then the ACSESS conference is coming up May 15, 16 and 17 in Niagara Falls.

ACSESS Conference 2018






Here are ten reasons you should attend

One.  Our industry is already being changed by new technology, including bots and Artificial Intelligence … find out how.

Two. Learn from industry leaders what kind of disruption is happening already and what is coming.  What starts in the US, Europe or Asia will surely find its way here sooner rather than  later.

Three.  Listen to a legal panel discuss some of the changes affecting our industry … such as Bill 148 in Ontario, and what might happen in other provinces.

Four.  There is an opportunity for a full day of learning with noted industry trainer Peter Leffkowitz.  If you don’t know who he is … then clearly you need to cone to the conference!

Five.  Mike Lipkin gives the opening keynote … if you are not energised after listening to this guy then maybe you need more coffee!

Six. There is a closing keynote from Dr Greg Wells who will draw comparisons between elite athletes and top executives … sure to get you thinking.

Seven.  There will be networking opportunities allowing you to meet industry leaders one on one, build relationships and find opportunities.  One side benefit I have found over the years is that when you have a relationship with a competitor then tough situations can more easily be defused … worth the price of admission!

Eight.  The setting is Niagara Falls … with a trip to one of the local wineries.  A must visit destination.

Nine.  Sitting with your industry colleagues over a coffee or a beer can offer many benefits, with insights into common issues, answers to troubling situations and the possibility of shared opportunities.

Ten.  ACSESS devotes considerable time and energy lobbying various levels of government on behalf of the industry.  This is one way they pay for it.  You benefit, so chip in by attending conference.

Eleven.  Bonus …. the price is excellent value compared to most conferences!

Click here to sign up today!

I will be taking the opportunity to get some riding in, and will arrive on my motorbike … what could be better?  Networking with my industry colleagues, enjoying one of the nicest areas of Canada AND getting some motorbike time in!

Riding my Indian Chieftain














See you there!

Kevin Dee is the founder and Chairman of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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The Value in Attending Industry Conferences

Lincoln quote about creating your own future


I started my own business more than twenty years ago and since then I have attended at least one industry conference most years.  I consider it to be a big part of my educational investment in myself and have never left a conference thinking that I had wasted my time or money.  I consider all the many reasons I feel this way to be the POSITIVE considerations for attending industry conferences.



Unless you live in a bubble you KNOW that every industry is evolving at an incredible pace.  That significant change is just around the corner, and that can represent both risk AND opportunity.  However if you don’t understand the change, are not current with where your industry is going and don’t see the threats and opportunities … then you are going to lose!  I would consider this line of argument the NEGATIVE reasons associated with NOT attending your industry conferences.


So you have carrot and stick … compelling reasons why you should sign up for this year’s conference in your industry segment.

“Wise men learn by other people’s mistakes.  Fools by their own.”  Anon

We all need to keep learning or we get left behind.  Industry conferences are a very focused, high return way to get some intense and relevant training!

See you there!

Kevin Dee is the founder and Chairman of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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Why Clients Should NOT Source Their Own Contract Talent

CEO of Pepsico on the value of talentThere are 3 compelling reasons why clients should NOT source their own contract resources:

“Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.”   Nancy Pearcey

  1.  PRICE
    •  At first it seems counter intuitive, but if you think about it, the competitive process will almost always give you the best price.
    • Our experience at Eagle would demonstrate that “client sourced” contract resources cost 10% more, on average, than contractors sourced in a competitive process.  Don’t take our word for it, do a little investigation yourself!
    • Experts offering “shop in your own database” options sell their clients on the concept of saving agency fees.  Don’t get blind-sided.  What matters is what you actually pay all-in, not what you pay the agency
    • A hiring manager who identifies a contractor to do some work has a vested interest in their success … that can create governance issues.
    • Will they be subjective that they are choosing the best person for the job?
    • Will they be willing to make tough decisions as quickly as an agency sourced contractor who is not performing?
    • Will they negotiate the best rate or just pay what the contractor asks? (Part of the reason for the price differential.)
  3. RISK
    • In Canada the CRA are very interested in contractor relationships.  If you sourced the person and pay them then are they your employee?
    • Do all of your hiring managers truly understand the risks associated with contractor mis-classification?
    • Do your processes fully protect your company?

“Data beats emotions.” Sean Rad

If those “compelling reasons” were not enough, then consider this

The staffing industry is a $13 Billion industry in Canada designed to find talent for their client in a hyper-competitive market.

  • Do you want to recreate that capability within your organisation, or should you focus on your core capabilities?
  • Will your internal sourcing be as competitive as companies designed solely for that purpose?
  • What is the cost of your internal recruiting organisation?
  • Do you measure that cost against “saved agency fees” or against “reduced contractor spend”?

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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The Value of the Staffing Industry

The staffing industry comprises “middle men” who find talent to meet their client’s demands.  In the optimal case they find the perfect candidate, in a timely manner and at a good price.

Of course “middle men” have been targets for disruption for years.  Technology will replace them (travel agents) or better business models will replace them (taxi companies using the sharing economy).

The recruitment industry can be a frustrating one for both clients, and the talent they pursue, which just increases the desire of innovators to replace the industry, either with technology or just a better way of doing things.

Everyone thinks they can do it better.  AND truth be told the industry continues to evelve and get better … and we are still here!

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”   Red Adair

Over the years, within the industry, we have seen some major changes that were predicted to cause that disruption.  There were job boards that would allow clients to access the candidates directly.  There was technology that would restrict a client’s staff from engaging “unapproved staffing vendors”.  More recently there have been technology innovations using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Big Data and analytics in addition to crowdsourcing, shared economy solutions and just about any option using pieces of the above.

Yet here we are.

Why has this industry survived?

  1. It is not as easy as it seems. How hard can it be?   The client needs someone, you find a qualified person, you match them up and there you go!  Well it is just not that easy … here are Just SOME of the challenges:
    • Understanding the client need is not simple. Job descriptions are never complete, different industries use different language to describe the same roles, acronyms are widespread & inconsistent.  Job roles change and very often client needs “evolve” as the search progresses.  Staffing companies understand this world, and trained agency staff work hard to become proficient in this environment.
    • Clients have many competing priorities and the hiring cycle can suffer, meaning that quite often they lose great candidates because they couldn’t act fast enough. Yet the staffing companies keep coming back with more.
    • We have many, many GREAT candidates … BUT also many, many candidates lie! Big lies and little lies, and certainly more often than you would think.  On their resume, in their interviews and we have even had different people interview than showed up to sign the contract!  Agencies use experience, process and tools to be able to manage this.
    • Among the candidates that don’t “lie” are the many candidates who oversell themselves. Just because they say they can do the job, and their resume might be written that way, it does not mean that they can!   Agency recruiters learn to identify the real candidates.
    • Attracting more candidates seems like a good thing to the casual observer, but in reality higher volume just equals LOTS of extra work. Staffing companies cope with this and work to serve their clients.
    • Many clients have challenging expectations. Expecting “A” candidates for below market rates, expecting experts when all the job needs is a journeyman, expecting great talent in extremely competitive markets etc.  But that is just a staffing company’s reality …if we don’t deliver, then we don’t get paid.
    • Demographics and global competitiveness are conspiring to create serious skills shortages … finding talent is getting harder. It’s what staffing companies do.
    • Candidates can be challenging too … changing their mind, having unreasonable expectations, expecting Champagne service on a beer budget (despite the fact that they pay nothing), leaving jobs early, playing clients off against each other, playing staffing companies off against each other.  The experienced agencies understand this world and work hard to ensure things are handled professionally.
    • Our “product” is people! With all of the differences inherent in the human race and while we have never seen it all, the average staffing agency has dealt experience with these kinds of issues.
    • I could go on …
  2. The Staffing Industry has been doing this a long time. We understand the challenges and have developed the processes, capabilities, training and tools to deal with them.
  3. The Recruitment world is hard work! Recruitment companies hire, train and set an expectation of their people that their job will be hard, every day”.  From the outside it looks easy, but once you understand the nuances and take into account the human factor you quickly change your mind!
  4. The successful recruiter is a sales person in addition to all of their other skills. These are hard skills to find, and to train.  The recruitment function within companies tends to be an HR function … which is not typically associated with a hard charging, sales culture (I am generalizing of course because there are SOME very successful internal corporate recruiting teams).
  5. The Staffing Industry continually evolves as the landscape changes. We take advantage of the new technologies, new approaches, and tools.
  6. Focus brings success. Car companies focus on building cars, banks focus on finance and staffing companies focus on talent acquisition.
  7. Profits in the staffing industry are skinny. To compete and be successful staffing companies have to be good at what they do.

I have no reason to believe that the changes in today’s environment will signal the end of our industry.  In fact the growing need for talent (#1 on CEO wish lists worldwide), the growing skills shortages and hyper competitive nature of business today will just mean an even stronger staffing industry!

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”  Lawrence Bossidy

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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A Time of Great Opportunity!

John Maxwell quote about changeDuring the industrial revolution the Luddites opposed change and fought against the notion that machines would be used to get around labour laws.

The term Luddite today is used to describe anyone who opposes automation and new technologies.

We are on the cusp of another breakthrough, similar in impact to the industrial evolution or the information technology age, and along with all of the benefits … it will also spawn the next generation of Luddites.

This evolution will see Artificial Intelligence in many forms, impact our lives.

  • Jobs will be lost in the same way that typing pools were replaced by word processing technology.
  • The Internet of Things will come with the smarts to effect our daily lives in ways we can only begin to understand.
  • Robots and robotics will also advance with AI smarts to perform more complex tasks than previously thought possible.
  • 5G networks will enable automation at a scale we are only beginning to understand.

We will continue to be impacted by the effects of globalisation, including the offshoring of jobs, the access to goods produced in low cost environments and the ability of entrepreneurs to enter foreign markets easily and quickly through the internet.

We are experiencing a huge change in the way we work.  The retiring boomers leave a big gap to fill and there are not enough people in Western countries to fill those gaps.  Skilled talent is in demand (the #1 concern of CEOs worldwide) and progressive countries are finding ways to attract this talent.  There is a growth in self employment, evidenced with the gig economy and the many enabling technologies that make this possible.  People work from home, and jobs are shared more often than ever before.

“It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory.”  W Edward Deming

So … how are we to respond in an era of such change?

Here are some thoughts:

  1.  Change is inevitable.  Fighting change is like trying to hold back the tide.  Embrace change and find a way to make it work for you.
  2. The industrial revolution ultimately resulted in more jobs, a better standard of living and better work conditions.
  3. Factors that will work in favor of job opportunity include:
    • the impact of demographics that will create labour shortages,
    • the new economy jobs requiring more tech skills and
    • the opening of global markets that any company can now access.
  4. The way to protect yourself in this new world is not to fight change, but rather to invest in your skills.  Get “in demand” skills which might include any profession or trade and develop great soft skills, or better yet get involved with emerging technologies.
  5. In a world where we will see more and more shortages of talent, companies will hire for attitude first, and skills second.  Do you have a positive attitude and strong work ethic?  Find experience that will prove these assets!
  6. Companies need to be profitable in order to survive, so make sure that you are important to your employer.  Just putting in time will not make you a “keeper”.

With change comes opportunity.  I believe that this amount of change is going to create a ton of opportunity.

I also believe that it will not fall in our lap … and it will be easy to be left behind.

So … invest in yourself and learn new skills.

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.”  Charles Kettering

Do NOT become the modern day Luddite, but rather focus on the opportunities.

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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International Day of Pink – April 8, 2020

Day of PinkTomorrow Eagle is encouraging all of our staff to wear pink in support of the International Day of Pink.

We will be wearing T-shirts, ties, socks, hairbands — whatever pink items that we have!

I have my pink shirt and socks set aside!

The International Day of Pink

The International Day of Pink was started in Nova Scotia when two straight high school students saw a gay student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The two students intervened, but wanted to do more to prevent homophobic and transphobic bullying. They decided to purchase pink shirts, and a few days later got everyone at school to arrive wearing pink, standing in solidarity. The result was that an entire school took a stand and began working together to prevent homophobic and transphobic bullying.

Anyone can bully, anyone can be victimized by bullying, but together we can stop it.

There are always things that we can do to improve our world and our community … this is just one more small thing.  Show your support, it is how society evolves.

Kevin Dee is the founder  of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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Take Action to Improve

You are Responsible for youWe are all responsible for our own destiny.

Yes … some people have a lot more hurdles to overcome than others.  Those hurdles might include medical, environmental, mental or any other kind of challenge.

“Decide carefully, exactly what you want in life.  Then work like mad to make sure you get it.”  Hector Crawford


We all have some innate talents.

We all have the ability to improve our talents.

We can all work hard.

We can all choose to adopt a positive attitude.

We can all work through adversity and get stronger.

We can all bring our “A” game every day.

We can all make choices that will improve our lives.

We can all decide that there are no excuses … we WILL achieve our goals.

We can all “suck it up”, accept some pain and discomfort to reach a worthwhile target.

We can all set some goals and put a plan in place to get there.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right!”  Henry Ford

We just have to choose to do it … and apply the self discipline to follow through.

Choose to be a better you.  I don’t know anyone who couldn’t improve something in their lives.

“Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.”  Jim Rohn

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have.

It doesn’t matter how much success you have enjoyed to date … or not.

Everyone can be a better version of themselves … all it takes is a choice, and then the will to make that choice real!

“its not about how badly you want it!  Its about how hard you are going to work to get it!”

Kevin Dee is founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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Underestimate Change at Your Peril

Andy Grove quote about complacency“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou

The longer you are in business the easier it is to become complacent … and complacency is the beginning of the end.

It is easy to underestimate the new competitor on the block, yet the big box stores put the local corner stores out of business, Amazon is taking a bite out of all kinds of businesses and we have a new word in our lexicon, namely Uberization!

It is easy to underestimate the speed of change, yet 88% of the Fortune 500 companies 60 years ago don’t exist now.  The top five publicly traded companies by market cap in 2017 were all tech companies, yet five years previously four of them were NOT tech companies.

It is easy to underestimate the small startup that has a new way of doing things.

It is easy to underestimate the new technology that will change how your competitors operate.

It is easy to underestimate the impact of big competitors coming into your space.

The reason it is so easy to underestimate all of this stuff is that change is hard, change requires effort, change requires a new way of thinking about old problems … and many people just don’t want to work that hard.

The truth is that our world is changing at an every increasing speed and we can embrace the excitement and opportunity of that … or we can wait and see what happens to us.

Stay current, keep learning, have an open mind … do NOT be so focused within your business that you miss what is happening to your business.

“Time changes everything except something within us that is always surprised by change.”  Thomas Hardy

Kevin Dee is the founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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Know What You Don’t Know!

Knowing what you don't know quoteThat, very obvious, statement is actually an insight that two types of people tend to miss.

  1.  Those people that allow the unknown to stop them from moving ahead; and
  2. Those people who don’t recognise they could do with some help.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”  Mark Twain

For many people, perhaps even the majority, this is just a fact of life, but for those who struggle with this statement here are some thoughts for you:

  1.  Whatever it is that you don’t know, someone else does.
  2. Lots of people have overcome this very same “unknown” and gone on to be very successful … so you should too.
  3. Experience is a wonderful tool … if you can take advantage of someone else’s experience that is a very smart thing to do.
  4. Be wary of advice from people who have not been there, done that … there are many people who just love to give advice, whether it is good or not.
  5. Be wary of advice from people who have been there, done that and clearly still not learned “the answer”.  If you pay attention you will understand.
  6. Seek out those with experience.
  7. You don’t need to accept the word of any one person … in fact if you can get more heads onto the subject, all the better.
  8. Asking for help is actually a sign of strength … not weakness.  Not asking can be a sign of ego, stupidity, misplaced pride or just naivety.
  9. Recognising and accepting that you don’t know something is not always easy.
  10. If life was easy then everyone would do it … so if your problem was easy then likely you wouldn’t be in this position.

Self awareness is always a good trait to work on.

“I think self awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”  Billy Jean King

Everything said can be applied to your career, your business, your social life or just about any part of your life.

Kevin Dee is the founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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New Year Resolutions Made Easy

Goals quote by NightingaleIt took me a while to understand the power of goals and the need to have them in my life.  I expect that the reasons I resisted were similar the reasons most people resist:

  • Goal setting seems like an academic exercise:
  • I wasn’t sure how to start:
  • I wasn’t sure how to set realistic goals;
  • It all feel like work, maybe I would do it tomorrow!

I’m sure you have heard all of the good reasons why you should have goals …

  • If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there;
  • Goals help to focus your efforts;
  • Goals are like a road map for life, they guide you in your decisions.

Well hopefully I can help you to get started, and to commit to giving it a try.

This is a great time of year for goal setting. Those people who set goals last year can develop a score card, and understand what they achieved and where they fell short. This will feed into their goals for the new year.

All good stuff … but goals are for other people, right?

Wrong … if you really want to take charge of your life then goals are for you! Why should you do it now, when you have procrastinated every year until now? Because I am going to make it easy for you … and if you try it you will see results!The following are the steps I took to get started …

Step 1. I developed categories that worked for me …

  • Health and Fitness
  • Vacation
  • Career
  • Family
  • Training/Education

Step 2. I set at least one goal for each category, several goals in some categories. Here are some examples …

Under health and fitness you might want to lose 5lb by March next year; you might want to add weights into your workout routine at least twice a week; you might plan to reduce coffee consumption to 2 per day. Etc.

Under Vacation you should really give some thought about where you would like to go this year. It could be to enjoy the cottage at least 12 weekends, or plan a weekend getaway without the kids; or take a 2 week vacation somewhere exotic etc.

Under Career you might set a goal of mastering certain aspects of your current role by the Fall; having a career planning meeting with your boss or HR; or developing a training plan to advance your career.

The goals that you pick need to be achievable and within your control. This way you will see progress and as you do progress you can always add more goals or increase the “intensity”.

Step 3. Plan into your calendar a monthly review. At that review you will check your progress against each goal and will create action items to address them … which will go onto your “to do” list (of course you have a “to do” list!).

This is a very basic, easily managed approach to goal setting. You can obviously get much more complicated and sophisticated but this works and the most important thing is to start somewhere.

Try it … this time next year you can be sitting and reviewing how you did in all of those categories and planning for next year! Good luck!

Kevin Dee is the founder of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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