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Change SOMETHING to Improve Your Life!

Change …

1.  You cannot expect anything in your life to improve if you are not prepared to change something.

2.  Change will happen, whether you want it to or not!

3.  It is better for you to control the change that happens to you, rather than just let it happen.

4.  The consequences of change are sometimes unexpected … both good and bad.

5.  The more you take charge of your life, by changing your circumstance, the more satisfaction you will have.  This, however, is not a guarantee that everything will work exactly as you thought!

6.  Change does not need to be big to have good results.  For example … if you watched one hour less of TV every day and used that for exercise then you would have a huge impact on your health and fitness.

7.  By actually choosing to change “something” with a goal of improving your life you are already ahead of the game … more than 90% of the population will just “want” things to get better, or “hope” someone will do something!

8.  Start small, get some success and THEN the possibilities are endless.

9.  You are never too old to change … my mother is 90 years old and two years ago bought a new house! 

10.  Don’t procrastinate … the sooner you change something, the sooner you will see results.

A small example of some significant change, in MY life today …

Today, the packers are at my home in Ottawa and as of tomorrow Ottawa will no longer be home.  My wife and I are moving to Toronto. 

I expect this change to be very positive for us … we will see our kids more often, we will be able to travel more easily (as Toronto is a major airport hub), we can operate our business even more effectively from Toronto (our largest market) and we will spend less time in the car travelling back and forth to Toronto (we will be walking to work).

Was this change easy? 

I have lived in Ottawa since arriving in Canada more than 30 years ago, and my wife has been here even longer.  We have a beautiful home here that we designed specially to meet our needs.  We have friends and family here.  We raised our kids here.  We have ties to the community through work and our charitable endeavors.  We are very comfortable here.

SO … NO this was not easy.

Change is rarely easy … but if you want to improve your life then you have to embrace change.


Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)

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