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Changing Your Life

What three things could you do that would improve your life?

That’s an interesting question … maybe you should give it some thought, because it sounds like a BIG DEAL but really it is within all of us to achieve.

Here are some ideas …

1. Health … what would you like to do for your health?

Lose some weight? Get fitter? Take up a sport? Build some muscle? Stretch more?

2. Knowledge/Education …

Learn a new language? Take a course? Read a book … or just read regularly?

3. Relationships …

Find a partner? Find new friends? Strengthen friendships?

4. Work/Career
5. Leisure/Hobbies

You could take every aspect of your life and decide to change one thing. All you need is a plan and then to take action and you can change your life.

Start slow .. pick just ONE thing, make a plan and then ACT! Its really not very difficult to change things one step at a time.

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