Crystal Nicol is responsible for aligning and leading Eagle's recruitment strategies to improve overall delivery effectiveness across the country, as well as for working with Eagle's HR team to implement onboarding and ongoing training for the recruitment team. Locally, Crystal manages daily sourcing strategies across teams in Eastern Canada, including managing priorities, assigning workloads and, most importantly, ensuring quality.

Crystal joined the Eagle Team as a Recruiter in 2008 and quickly became one of the company's Top Performers year-after-year, before being promoted to Delivery Manager in 2017 and then her current position in 2019. She is successful because of her passion and ability to set concrete goals and work with her teams to develop and implement strong strategies to achieve them.

Outside of the office, Crystal loves being with her family, especially when spending Summer weekends at the trailer in her hometown of Renfrew, Ontario. She is also a boardgame fanatic, specifically strategy games, and proves it on Family Game Night, which has been a Wednesday night tradition in her household since her son was old enough to play.