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Dr Seuss on ThinkingYou equate creativity to “the arts”, to “Silicon Valley start-ups” … maybe to some entrepreneurs you have read about.

You probably DON”T equate creativity to your day to day job … because that is just something you do!

The reality is that creativity is a great way to:

(a) differentiate yourself from all those co-workers of yours that are just “doing their job”;

(b) it is also a great way to make your job more interesting; and

(c) it is a way to re-engage your brain in a way you cannot do, if you are just “doing your job”.

How can YOU bring some creativity to YOUR world?

1.  Don’t accept the “status quo” … just because it was always done this way, doesn’t mean it should keep being “done this way”!

2.   Try to look at your job with fresh eyes … put yourself in the shoes of your customer, yourself the day you started (but now you have the benefit of having done the job for a while) or just maybe put yourself into the “observer mode” detached and uninvolved, looking for ways to improve things.

3.  Ask lots of questions … “Why” questions?  “What if” questions?

4.  Make lots of notes … what do you see, what don’t you see, what are obvious things, what are not so obvious things, what are your opinions, what are other people’s opinions.

5.  Compare your job to similar jobs … if you are a customer service person in a bank, how does your role compare to other industries?  Are there lessons to learn from the retail industry, the telecommunications industry (both good and bad).  What GOOD customer service experiences have you had, and how could they be applied.

6.  Read … about your industry, about your role, about innovations in both.

7.  Learn … take courses, attend industry conferences, understand what industry experts, competitors and others are saying.

8.  Be constructive with your suggestions … change is tough for anyone, and your boss may be as resistant to change as most!

9.  Be pragmatic in your suggestions … having the world’s best customer service, but at a cost that the company can’t afford isn’t going to fly far.

10.  Do this continually … the world is constantly changing and there are opportunities for change all around you.  If nothing else it keeps life interesting … but most likely will get you noticed in a positive light!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  Einstein

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