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Do Something Different!

Its Friday, the weekend is here and for most of us it is a time to recharge the batteries, spend time with friends and family and forget about work for a little while.

Do you make the most of your “down” time?

When is the last time you actually put some thought into what you could/should do with that time?

Maybe you could do that this weekend.

Are you in a rut? Do you do the same things every weekend out of habit?

What else could you do with your time?

Could you start an exercise program, start to read a book, learn to dance, enjoy nature, get the bike out, visit someone you haven’t seen for a while … just do something a little different!

Try it … it doesn’t have to be radical, but it can be quite refreshing to try something new.

Go to a museum, be a tourist in your own city, be a volunteer … or just have a “movie marathon”.

You might find a new hobby or discover that you have been missing out on something

You only live once … don’t stay in that rut!

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