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Don’t Get Caught Lying on Your LinkedIn Profile

Job applicant being interviewed and demonstrating his lies with a growing noseThere have been many articles written about the consequences of lying on your resume … consider this article about the biggest lies and how people get caught.

Perhaps you could read this Globe article from 2010.

This is a 2013 article on About,com talking about the consequences of lying on your resume.

OK … I think we can all agree that lying on your resume has the potential to cause you a lot of problems.

Here is the thing … your LinkedIn profile is your online resume!

You are declaring to the world that THIS is who I am, this is my experience and these are my accomplishments.

How stupid is it to lie on your LinkedIn profile?

1.  Everyone sees your LinkedIn profile … the only people who see your resume are the people you send it to!  So … lying on LinkedIn is infinitely more likely to be found out!

2.  To be caught in a lie is a huge blight on your personal brand.  With your resume the impact is likely the person you sent it to, and perhaps people within the company.  If you are unlucky it may become public.  To be caught online by all the people who know you lied magnifies the problem many fold, hence it WILL go public.

3.  Once you have been caught in a lie then your credibility is zero … that’s pretty tough on you if you make your living based on your credibility.

SO …

1.  Don’t lie.

2.  Do not remove work experience from your profile by stretching the dates of the company before and/or the company after.

3.  You can get away with a little “pumping up” of your role … but you can’t invent a new title, or change the amount of time that you had a title.

4.  Credentials can be checked … don’t give yourself academic credentials that you have not earned.

5.   Less is better … if you don’t want stuff on your profile don’t put it there,.  Better to have a work history going back two years and omitting your offensive experiences than to lie about them.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Get Caught Lying on Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. i just checked my co-worker’s linkedin profile and noticed that she exaggerated and over -stated her responsibilities, plus she said that she ‘manages’ this and that which is NOT true. How do I report this person?? In fact she is such a sloppy worker, she makes mistakes in her work and her reports need to be re-checked several times before she gets it right. I would not recommend this person to anyone, and her linkedin profile totally misrepresents her.

  2. My advice would be to do nothing. Its not worth getting involved. People who lie eventually get caught out. You should just focus on your own life and being the best person you can be, rather than worry too much about what others are doing.

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