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Enhance Your Personal Brand

Personal BrandIt is not that many years ago that the term “Personal Brand” did not exist!  Back then we built a “reputation”, “beefed up our resume”, strove to be a “thought leader”, were careful of our “image” etc.  However I like the all encompassing description of Personal Brand!

What can YOU do to enhance your Personal Brand?

1.  Be a “thought leader” … share your knowledge.

2.  Invest in yourself … never stop learning.

3.  Learn … beyond your “technical area”.  Professionals who truly understand how their technical skill impacts the business are most in demand.

4.  Network … and not JUST people like you!

5.  Dress for success!

6.  Get involved in your community … charities, industry associations, kid’s sports etc.

7.  Love what you do … you have to do it anyway so get your head into loving it!

8.  Work hard … be known as someone who delivers!

9.  Be positive … hang with positive people, think positive thoughts.

10.  Be an interesting person … keep up with current affairs, have opinions, listen to others!

Its all about raising your profile, establishing a positive reputation and living up to it!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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