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Enthusiasm Is Contagious

I am often reminded of the power of enthusiasm!

quote from Samuel Taylor Coleridge on EnthusiasmMy first small example happened yesterday when I went to meet with a contact at the bank, and the receptionist was outgoing, chatty, welcoming and full of enthusiasm.

  • It made me feel good!
  • It put me in a good mood before my meeting.
  • I’m blogging about it so it made an impression.
  • Imagine the power of that enthusiasm on the people that visit your business?

Last night I was at a charity fundraiser event and the organizer is a young Toronto based entrepreneur who had an idea three years ago and has taken that idea by the “scruff of the neck” and made it happen.  She is raising money in the fight to end cancer (which incidentally is the name of her event).  Last night was a pre-event media blitz and even it was an amazing event on a stand-alone basis.  The Fight to End Cancer has raised more than $160,000 in its first three years … and it has been driven by one enthusiastic and talented young entrepreneur!  Shout out to Jennifer Huggins, owner of the Kingsway Boxing Club in Toronto.

I wrote a blog entry some time ago, called the Energy of Entrepreneurs, about the energy I got from attending a conference for entrepreneurs .  I talked about how it made me feel, about the energy that came from these people who build businesses.

I also wrote a blog entry called We All Have The Power To Be A Positive Force.  In that blog entry I talked about our ability to adopt a “glass half full” attitude, and how that can have a positive affect on those around us.

“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” Henry David Thoreau

Here are a few thoughts about the power of enthusiasm…

1.  If one meeting with one receptionist can have this kind of impact on me, imagine what is possible?
2.  You do not need to be an entrepreneur to have a huge impact on those around you … just exhibiting raw enthusiasm will work, whatever your job.
3.  Anyone can adopt a positive attitude and make this kind of impression.
4.  If you meet with clients in your role then this is an excellent, easy way for you to increase your success rate … be super energetic!
5.  Nobody wants to be around a “wet blanket” … be aware of your body language, your voice and the general messages you deliver.  Are you exhibiting a positive, energized attitude?
6.  If you have client facing staff that are low energy, negative people then you probably want to think hard about whether you need to replace them with people who can represent your company the way you want it represented … with enthusiasm!
7.  In my advice to people advancing their career I always suggest that they hang out with positive people and eliminate or severely restrict their interactions with the negative people in their lives.  Negative people “suck your energy”, positive people “feed that energy”.
8.  People choose to be happy or not.  People choose to be positive or not.  People choose to be enthusiastic or not.  FACT!
9.  If you are a more positive person to those around you it is a fair bet that you will feel better about yourself too!
10.  You only live once … why not be a positive force?

What can YOU do to be more enthusiastic every day?

Walk Fast and Smile!

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”  Shannon L. Alder

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