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Fight for the Cure – Weigh-in Tonight!

On Saturday I climb in the ring and go toe to toe for three rounds, each two minutes long but feeling like a lot more!  Its all to raise money for cancer research … so, as I have said before I am donating blood in a non-traditional way for a good cause!

Let’s face it … I’m not so young any more, in fact I am 55 years old and about to have my first boxing match!  Yeah … not much else to say there!

Tonight we have the weigh in at the Heart and Crown pub, in the ByWard Market in Ottawa … all of the white collar boxers will be there  showing off our streamlined bodies (covered up by lots of clothes).  There will probably be the obligatory “trash talking” … all designed to up the interest level and raise more money.

You can find out more about the event  at the Fight for the Cure website … which has some videos from last year.   Sometime after the event a new video will go up … aired on the big night … showing this year’s batch of pugilists going through the training.  I haven’t seen any iron lungs or defibrilators come out yet, although we have all felt in need through these last months!

I have written about the event a couple of times … and will probably do a wrap up afterwards, but it is one more thing to cross off my bucket list!

Item number 2,347Get in a boxing ring in front of 600 people and get beaten for 6 minutes!  …. DONE March 2011

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If you would like to make a donation to the cause because you feel sorry for me … thats OK.  You can go to the buy a ticket page of the FFTC website and there is a spot to just make a donation.

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