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Finding the Good in Life

Kit Grant often talks about the need to take control of your own destiny, in fact this is a quote from his recent newsletter … “I discovered a long time ago the biggest detriment to my success was me! I have stopped blaming other people or circumstances beyond my control”.

Kit is very good at zoning in on an issue and being very direct with his potential solutions. I thought it might be useful to look at some practical examples of the kind of thing Kit means.

If you play a sport then you well have experienced the elation of scoring a goal, making a tough pass, taking a great shot … any feat that you can take pride in.

If you have a different kind of hobby then perhaps you get that same kind of “buzz” when you accomplish an objective, reach a goal or exceed your own expectations.

Salespeople often get that feeling from a close or if they actually get a meeting set up with a busy executive, or perhaps when they exceed their numbers.

In the staffing business recruiters can get that buzz when they find that tough candidate, beat out the competition on an order or perhaps when they get a thank you from a candidate who got a job.

Some jobs naturally bring those kind of “highs”, but typically they also have some lows. The salepeople who lose a deal or miss their numbers, the recruiter who can’t find that great candidate or loses to competition etc.

The real trick to job satisfaction is to find the positives and to focus on them … to downplay the negatives and really concentrate on reaching, meeting and exceeding goals. If you can set yourself goals, which you subsequently exceed there is great satisfaction in that. Ultimately it becomes a way of life and second nature, such that you push yourself to achieve greater things.

To some people that sounds like a negative thing … pushing limits etc. But the opposite is true, only by pushing ourselves a little do we get better and only by getting better can we achieve that same “buzz” or satisfaction on a regular basis.

So … if you want an easy life, then you are setting yourself up for mediocrity. There is nothing wrong with that, if you truly want it … just don’t expect rewards beyond mediocre, it just doesn’t work that way.

If you want more in life … more job satisfaction, more income, more fun, more responsibility … then you have to EARN it. That involves hard work, commitment and consistency.

Having said all that … the REAL reward is how you feel when you achieve more, succeed in your goals and exceed your own expectations! Now that is living!

PS. All of this applies to every component of your life … professional relationships, work, personal relationships, play etc. Rewards are earned … and it feels sweet!

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