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Focus on the Good Stuff!

Every now and then we all hit a period when things are not as good as they possibly might be. We might have had a run of bad luck, or ill health or generally things haven’t gone our way. Its natural to let that get us down a little … we all do.

BUT … we need to get over the “feeling sorry for ourselves” thing as quickly as possible;

#1. Get it out of your system, indulge yourself a little, and maybe cry on your friend’s shoulder.
#2. Focus on the positive … the good things you have, the good experiences you have had, the things that make you smile.

… and get back to LIVING!

I wrote a blog entry called One of Those Days … with some thoughts on lifting your spirits when you are a little down.

Just this week I was treated to two video clips from YouTube that I will share here.

This first one just has to make you smile … it is a Youtube video of a mother and her laughing quadruplets!

The second video is about Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker who has no arms and no legs! This video is called No arms, no legs, no worries! If you watch this guy and how he lives his life you probably won’t feel too sorry for yourself!

Walk fast and Smile!!! 

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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2 thoughts on “Focus on the Good Stuff!

  1. Kevin, you are once again, totally on the money. I experience one amazing by-product of focusing on what is working and what is good. I get more of that coming into my life. My day is full of all the stuff I love: (opportunities, new business, great learnings, PO's, warm friends) when I am already focused on generating positive feelings in me. I expect some of this is due to people preferring to deal with someone who is more fun. And I presume I will see more opportunities if I am expansively happy rather than contracted in worry or anger.
    And thanks for this reminder from a VERY successful person who clearly practices what he suggests.

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