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Too many people live their lives as though they have no control of it … they go to work (or not), they come home they wish away their work weeks away looking forward to the weekend, so they can do nothing.  For many others work is a necessary evil that pays the bills and perhaps facilitates some hobbies outside of work … the cottage, the boat, the travelling etc.

I have spoken often about the change you can have on your life if you just recognise work is an essential part of your life, so you might as well get as much as you can from it.

Today I want you to think about getting involved in something different … a charity, a cause, a political agenda. 

Don’t go home night after night and watch TV, play video games or some other time sucking activity.  Get out and get involved!

There are a ton of charities that could use help.  I’m sure wherever you live there are social programs that could benefit from help.  Politicians make decisions every day that affect us … why not get involved and make your voice heard?

Here are a few reasons to do this …

1.  You will be making a difference in your community.

2.  You will meet interesting people.

3.  You will broaden your world.

4.  You will be using your time in a much more productive way.

5.  You will actually be OUT THERE living your life … and making a difference, which will make you feel better!


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2 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. Kevin, like the Get Involved blog. what are your thought on it’s key message if the reference was to a job and not work. Those of us (including yourself) who work for a living never see it as a job. Infact what differenitates the do’ers from the follower’er is one finds a way to make it work the other has a job which pays the bills. “…. is a necessary evil that pays the bills and perhaps facilitates some hobbies outside of work – I bet you those that have a job work intently at their hobbies. Here is my addage “do what you love the money will follow”

    Regards Gordon.

  2. If people have a “job” and have a passion for their hobby I have no BIG problem with that. When people have some passion for something then they have a chance of transfering a bit of that to other parts of their life. People with no passion for anything are missing out on living their life.

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