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Giving back …

MLK quote What are you doing for othersThere are still a lot of Canadians with good well paying jobs, and successful Canadian Companies, who do not “give back” to the society that gives them that quality of life.

What does that mean … because we are all responsible for our own success, right? Why should we give back?

Yes we are the architects of our own destiny, so we need to earn our place in society … BUT if that society is not there then we cannot be successful.

Everything we do has to be put in context.

Our success comes in the Canadian economy, in Canadian communities, possibly through a Canadian education and Canadian experience.

So … would we be equally successful is we lived in a poorer nation, a nation at war, a nation that was not a part of the industrialised world?

What if Canadian society deteriorated into a “haves” and “have nots” society? Would we see anarchy in the streets, riots and political unrest, kidnappings and drug wars?

Our society is struggling to provide a social net for those who need help, and if those of us who can afford some money and/or some time give back to help that cause then we are really helping ourselves.

A society where everyone has a chance is a great place to be … we have that today, but we need to keep working at it, so everyone needs to do their bit.

That is a rational argument for giving back … the other answer is that you receive more rewards from giving than it costs you to give. For that answer you’ll just have to take a leap of faith and believe me … and the many other people who say the same thing.

Invest in our society, support those who need it!

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