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Go Ahead Make SOMEONE’s Day … 10 Ideas!

generosityHow do you feel when you get pleasantly surprised?

Most likely you have a busy life, juggle priorities, work hard and have commitments that fill your days.

You never have time to sit back and “smell the roses” or to focus on the good things in your life.

Here is the thing … when something unexpected happens that is a feel good thing, it forces you to actually enjoy ithowever briefly.

Given that it has that effect on you, why not do it for someone else?

Why not do it for a few people?

It doesn’t need to be a big thing.

It should be spontaneous and unexpected … it should be something the person will enjoy.

It might just result in a “pay it forward” type wave of “feel good” actions that makes our world a better place.

Here are some ideas …

Make people feel good as your legacy1.  Write a (hand written) card to a friend just telling them you were thinking of them, that you value their friendship and you wanted to tell that just that!

2.  Send someone a digital card … very easy to do, with a nice message.

3.  Send someone a small gift.

4.  Send your spouse a gift at work.

5.  Send you parents a picture (maybe in a frame) that you know they would enjoy … attach a small note.

6.  Give someone a coffee card.

7.  Buy coffee for  the person behind you in the coffee shop.

8.  Drop $5 with a homeless person who is selling the newspapers that support them.

9.  Pay a visit to a relative that you rarely see.

10.  Shovel the snow for your neighbour.

Go ahead, make SOMEONE’s day!

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