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Goal: Develop Healthy Habits!

I have heard about a lot of people my age and younger just recently who have experienced major health issues, including death. That is not cool!

I had my own annual checkup in January and thankfully the major indicators were all good. Having said that i have always been interested in staying fit and over the years have gradually improved on a lot of those bad habits we all have when we are younger.

You need to look after yourself!

Today is February 18th! Approximately 7 weeks ago a lot of people around the world made a New Year’s resolution based upon their health … maybe it was to lose weight, maybe it was to get in better shape, maybe it was just to add some exercise. Seven weeks later the vast majority of those people will have “fallen off the wagon” with those resolutions.

Some of Kevin’s beliefs:

1. You only live once … unless you have differing religious views, but generally speaking even if you are coming back you won’t remember this “journey”.
2. If you look after yourself, then you can enjoy this journey better … if you are in shape you can do so much more than if you are out of shape.
3. We all enter this world much the same, so it is what we do thereafter that messes us up.
4. It really doesn’t take too much to improve your health … which usually means you will live longer.

A Basic Action Plan:

Make a February resolution …

I will develop a plan for my health and will act on it for the next 30 days.

Here is what you will commit to:

1. You will exercise 6 days a week … exercise just means some kind of physical activity. It will depend on you how much and to what level of intensity. It could be a 20 minute walk at a brisk pace … or it could be marathon training.
2. You will eat healthier choices every day … it doesn’t mean you’ll change your world, just modify it a bit. Eat less fries, burgers, chips and cookies. Eat more fruit, vegetables, grains and non-processed food. (Note: I didn’t say remove all bad stuff, just eat less of it)
3. Get a checkup … blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Understand what shape your body is in.
4. Read about exercise/health etc … maybe subscribe to Mens/Womens Health.

See how you feel in 30 days!

Around this time last year I wrote a blog entry called Getting Fitter … check it out if you want some more ideas.

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