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GRAB Your Opportunities!

Life is full of opportunities!  Generally it is the people who are looking for those opportunities that take most advantage.

We all have many aspects to our lives and each of them can bring opportunity.

Health.  Do you take advantage of the nice weather to be more active outside?  Do you take advantage of the gym in your apartment building to get in shape?  Do you take advantage of your company benefits package to get regular dental care?  Do you take advantage of your friend’s offer to join a sports team?

Career.  Do you take advantage of career opportunities when they come up?  Do you take advantage of training opportunities that will advance your knowledge?  Do you take advantage of your work hours to differentiate from your colleagues by giving 100% effort? 

Relationships.  Do you take advantage of social invitations to get out and meet more people?  Do you take advantage of (free) clubs that are organised and easy to join (Toastmasters for instance)?  Do you take advantage of opportunities to work on your close relationships … or do you watch TV?

If you look for opportunities they are there, but they are also easy to miss because you are tired, because it is too much trouble, because <put your excuse here>.

If you take advantage of every opportunity that you can then you will enrich your life … I think that’s an opportunity not to miss!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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