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Hang Out With Positive People

I tend to be a “Glass Half Full” type of person by nature … but not everyone is naturally optimistic.   If you agree that developing an optimistic outlook is something we can all work on, then one tangible thing you can do is to choose who you spend your time with.

Last night I attended the Ottawa Business Achievement Awards and spent a few hours with Ottawa’s business movers and shakers.  I chatted with former CEOs of the Year, 40 under 40 recipients, Business people of the year and people working for award winning companies.  I sat with some people from General Dynamics and it was clear they enjoy what they do and are proud of their company.

I listened to John Kelly, who received a Lifetime Achievement award not just for his contributions to business, which have been impressive, but also for his commitment to the community .. his charitable involvement both in time and in dollars.  I listened to Louise Wendling CEO of Costco Canada and this year’s CEO of the Year.  She was extremely proud, and rightly so, of her $15 Billion company, its employees, its suppliers, their customers and the huge positive impact that all has on our community.

I was reminded that spending time with positive people is energising.

It was refreshing not to listen to people complaining about their “latest issue” but rather celebrating success and seeing the positives in life.

Hang with the positive people … it will make you a better person!

Congratulations to everyone nominated last night, you are all winners!

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2 thoughts on “Hang Out With Positive People

  1. I could not agree more. Positivity breeds success and leads reduced stress.

    One negative person can bring down the energy of an entire office.

    Thanks for the great blog

  2. Thanks Tim!
    Endorsement from a business leader who runs a successful staffing company here in Canada too (StaffLink) is always appreciated!

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