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Have YOU Moved Your Agenda Today?

I have a note on my desk, right over the phone and it asks that question …


It is written in CAPITAL LETTERS with a sharpie … so it is hard to ignore.

I spot it when I arrive in the morning and I see it when I am packing up at night and its sole intention is to make sure I am focused on “the important things“.

I have said this many time before, but I will say it again … it is VERY easy to come to work every day and “do stuff”, to be “busy” the whole day and NOT achieve much at all.

I call that BUSY WORK … it really gets you nowhere and is a means that many people use to hide from doing the stuff they really should be doing.

See if you recognise yourself here …

You are a salesperson and you spend hours researching potential customers, or checking paperwork, or sat at your desk doing “ADMIN” (read BS here). What should you be doing … meeting people, talking to people, setting up meetings, driving towards sales!

You are a recruiter and you pore over resumes, finding reasons why people are not a fit. What should you be doing … calling people, emailing people, texting people and asking THEM if they are a fit, asking them for referrals and asking them what is cooking in their world.

You are a manager and you spend time in your office looking at statistics, looking at spreadsheets, looking at numbers, reading reports and maybe writing reports. What should you be doing … a large portion of your time should be spent with people, your staff, your customers, your industry. Understanding what is going on and making sure it is in line with your goals.

You are an executive and you are spending your days fighting fires, shifting paper and staring at a computer screen. You should be working ON the business more than IN it and you need to be taking your business to the next level, not dealing with the nuts and bolts of every issue.

Obviously a lot of generalisation here … but you get the picture.

As a business owner I have many different “hats” that I wear, and each of them requires me to complete tasks that advance their agenda. If I am not advancing those agendas then what am I doing? A few examples might be …

Is that new division performing the way I want? What need to be done to get it to the next level?
Is our strategic direction right for the next year? What can I do … do we need a planning session? Do I need consulting help?
How do i help the industry raise its profile? What can I make happen?

I have many goals, aligned with the different hats I wear and if I am not moving towards those goals then I am wasting time and effort.

What did you do today? Did you advance your agenda? Was it enough … or could you have done more?

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