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If You BELIEVE then Good Things Happen!

Growing up in the Catholic education system you are introduced to the concept of “belief” very early in your schooling. The reality is that every “Faith” depends upon just that … a belief in the teachings of that religion, and that is the glue that binds the religion. That is powerful!

On a smaller scale, we can choose to believe anything that we want to believe … and with that belief we are a step closer to making it a reality. For example, if we are a smoker and we really believe that we can give it up … then our chances of success are high, conversely if we don’t believe that we can give it up then we will almost certainly fail.

This is a human condition that we all suffer from. We ALL have doubts. We all hear those negative voices, that little “naysayer” whispering into our ears all of the reasons why something is not going to work. Once we lose our belief then we can find many reasons not to believe and failure is inevitable.

When I started Eagle I had no time to think about all of the many reasons why I would not be able to start a company. If I think about them now, I can come up with a pretty long list. I’d never run a company before, we had no financing, no technology, no offices, no contracts, no company name, no presence, no track record. I had never negotiated such a deal before, I was dealing with a multi billion dollar, multi national company and needed them to sign off on the deal. So, there were a lot more reasons why this should not have worked than reasons it would work! I did however believe that I could make it work and therefore just focused on what it would take to make it happen … and here we are 12 years later!

Belief is a state of mind.
Belief is ENTIRELY within your control.
Belief needs to be unconditional.
Belief is POWERFUL!

IF you can believe … then it can happen.

Belief alone is not enough to achieve success … but lack of belief is definitely enough to ensure failure! The concept is very similar to a blog entry I wrote about attitude called Don’t Say Can’t … the power in your brain is awesome, you just need to tap into it.

So … believe in what you are doing and pour your heart and soul into making that belief a reality. Success breeds success, so once you have a few wins under your belt then you can really begin to dream big!

1 thought on “If You BELIEVE then Good Things Happen!

  1. Hello Kevin,


    I do agree with on the faith and belief. I guess it is a little of the same thing as PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). All of Life is about ENERGY. You become what you put most of your energy into. Even time is really energy, since time is only worth to someone who has the energy to make use of it. When someone dies, the heart stop beating and the energy “candle” inside the heart is turned off.
    So we are all better off investing our energy where we want to see results, which also means that the qualification of the energy will dictate the quality of the results. This concept will translates in people’s life, regardless of the religious beliefs or lack thereof.


    I AM Truly A Magnificent Being Of African Heritage.

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