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Its Not My Job!

I think that phrase has to be right up there on Kevin’s top most hated phrases, same for most executives or business owners! (Now my brain is off on a tangent thinking I could probably blog about a top ten list … but let me stay focused here!)

In any business your end goal is to be profitable … so that you can pay your staff, pay your suppliers, provide a return to your shareholders and continue to invest in the growth of your business. In order to be profitable your company needs to provide a service of value to clients and to compete favorably with competitors. Particularly in these hyper-competitive days of globalization this means a strong focus on quality, service and of course value.

Imagine your clients being told by your staff that they can’t help them, that it isn’t their job? Sounds totally ridiculous, and could never happen in your organization … right? What about internal clients? In our organization it’s the sales and recruiting teams that provide our clients with a service for which we get paid. The rest of our organization … including this “overhead” CEO … are here to help the “sharp end of the ship” look after our clients. Surely we should NEVER say “Its Not My Job” to our internal clients … would that happen in your company?

In the IT world the phenomena of offshoring has been a new form of competition that has forced all companies to look hard at their capabilities, and in many ways forced us to be better at our jobs! If our people are even thinking that hated phrase in this day and age, we are dead ducks!

I wrote a blog about attitude some time ago … called Walk Fast and Smile. I think this concept of “ownership” was missing from that blog.

Does your company have a culture that is truly client focused? Will your employees always step up and do “the right thing” even if it is not in their job description? If not, look out!

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