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Life is GREAT!!!

I was driving home last night and was struck with that thought … I am SO lucky, life is GREAT!

I was in my little red sports car, enjoying warm weather, windows down, Adele blasting from the sound system, driving along the beautiful canal in Ottawa, with a sunset off in the distance after playing a game of soccer. 

The game didn’t go particularly well, we tied a game we should have won … but it didn’t matter! 

I had an aching knee and a sore thigh … but it didn’t matter. 

I have the daily challenges of any business owner … but it didn’t matter.

Life is GREAT!

Guess what … life is what we make it!

You don’t need to own a business or a little red sports car. 

You don’t need to still be playing competitive soccer at 56 years old or living in one of the nicest cities on the planet.

Those were choices I made … and I am where I am, because of my life choices.

YOU make your own life choices … the only thing that will really matter is that, on that journey you can agree with Louis Armstrong’s sentiment, “What a Wonderful World” !

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