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Life’s Lessons … Do You Learn From Them?

When I was young, which was a very long time ago now, a phrase that my parents often used went something like, “You should count your blessings that ….”.

This could be used in many contexts:

Perhaps I was complaining that dinner was not to my liking … in which case I would be reminded about the many places around the world people were starving;
Perhaps I was complaining that I had to do homework …  not everyone had access to the kind of education I did;
Maybe I was jealous of another child’s toy … in which case I was reminded of all those who were in a worse situation than myself.

What my parents were doing was conditioning me to be an optimist … to look at the world with a glass half full attitude.   I could equally have chosen to just resent the analogies, but those “old world” sayings were powerful messages that stuck with me and helped to shape my outlook on life.

I certainly didn’t appreciate it at the time … but I don’t think many people really appreciate the lessons that life hands them, whether through their parents, through circumstance, through their boss or any other means.  However in order to grow, we need to learn life’s lessons and if we can grasp those lessons and really understand them it makes us better people.

My family were not privileged, we had all of the necessities of life and very few of the luxuries … but what we did get was parents who were willing to teach us the important things in life.  As they say on the Mastercard ads … that is priceless!

Do you understand when you are being taught one of life’s important lessons … or do you just resent the situation?

Think about that!
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