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Looking Forward

Its a new year … its even a new decade. If ever there is a time for optimism and to adopt a positive attitude it is now!

We have been through one of the worst economic periods in living memory … but there is cause for optimism.

The media tends to focus on the negatives in the world … and there are plenty of naysayers to jump on the bandwagon, and fuel the negative attitudes. It is always the whiners and complainers who get the most air time … and we can all tend to get swept along.

Here are some thoughts …

There are SO MANY things to be thankful for, try to focus on those.

In October 2008 I wrote a blog entry about the Little Things in Life that can mean so much!

In November 2008 I wrote a blog entry called Look for the Positives.

A month after that blog entry I had a small blog entry … Don’t Worry be Happy.

Let’s charge forward in Twenty-ten with a focus on the positives!

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