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Make Hay While the Sun Shines

This is another, albeit short, blog entry on the subject of personal productivity.

I often talk about the pace of life in Twenty-ten … just how much is expected of everyone, and how competitive the world is. The primary drivers of this phenomena are the expanding Global Economy, vastly improved (real time) communications and improvements in technology. So the result is that we all have to work harder!

Occasionally we find ourselves in a lull … it could be the time of year when our clients are slow due to vacations, it could be our clients are in budget mode or any number of things.

How do you make the most of that lull? Here are some thoughts …

1. DON’T drift … if you are working then WORK!
2. Match your business slow periods to your vacation/holiday time where possible. If things are a little quieter then its a good time to be away.
3. Scheme/plan/strategise ways in which to win more business/be more effective at what you do.
4. Clean up all of the “stuff” that distracts you when things are busy.
5. Revisit your time management system and see if there are things you can do to be more effective when the workload gets heavy again. Identify and fix any bad time management habits you have developed.
6. Develop templates and checklists that will help you to be more effective in the busy times.

The worst thing that you can do is to “waste time” or do “busy work”. It doesn’t feel good, it creates habits that you will find harder to fix later and makes the busy times seem even busier than they really are. Oh ya … your boss probably won’t be too impressed either!

2 thoughts on “Make Hay While the Sun Shines

  1. Kevin,
    Hope you are well and I agree with your comments with one comment. Too many executives that I work with as a consultant think it is a waste of time to take some time to just think or read a book that may expand their horizons – say The Black Swan. My experience is that that is very useful if one concentrates on what ideas were learned that could be applied to one's business.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Don,

    fair comment! A strategic role requires thought, and input from a variety of sources.

    I have also written many times about the power of reading, and why everyone should do that.

    In terms of executives expanding their horizons I also advocate joining peer groups, gaining insight of other industries (and try to understand how best practices elsewhere might apply to their industry), networking and further education in addition to reading and thinking.

    Appreciate the comment!

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