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Motivation is a Personal Thing

Ziglar on motivationManagers can affect their staff’s motivation at any given point in time … both positively and negatively.

If your company creates a positive work environment, with respect for the employee and a healthy number of incentives it can serve to motivate people to a degree … but over time for many people those “perks” become expected.

Only YOU can truly motivate yourself.

The misconception is that it is a natural state … most people need to work at it.  In fact I would hazard a guess that everybody needs a lift sometimes, and there are things you can do for yourself to kindle that motivation!

So I collected some links of ideas to motivate people … see if any of these work for you.

1.  Top 20 Motivation Hacks. An Overview.

2.  The Surprising Science of Motivation (Dan Pink) .. video.

3.  A Daily Motivation Poster.

4.  Reddit’s Get Motivated page.

5.  If I ever need to be reminded about how good I have it I watch one of the amazing Nick Vujicic’s videos.

If you want success in your career you MUST get motivated.

If you want to excel at anything in your life it takes motivation.

Motivated people are more interesting, more successful and happier … think about it!
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