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Never Give Up!

Winners don’t quit … they battle to the end.

I am not a fervent soccer fan, however I have followed my team (Everton) since I was 5 years old … which is a long time.

This evening they played a cup game in England and were losing 1-0 until the last minute of the game, when the equalised.  They went on to win in overtime.  This is something i have seen many times with this team … and while they are one of the poorer of the teams in England’s Premier division they always play with that kind of heart.

It is a great life lesson … don’t EVER give up in this game of life.  the “final whistle” will blow one day but until that happens you can always learn, grow, succeed, improve or otherwise bring something positive to your life.

I have re-told this story before … but this is the story of a man who never gave up!

– There once was a young boy aged 7, who was forced to go to work because his family lost their house.

– The little boy’s mother passed away when he was 9 years old.

– The boy grew to become a young man and lost his job as a store clerk at age 20 years.

– He went into debt at age 23 years to become a partner in a small store, and at age 26 years his partner died leaving him with a debt it took years to repay.

– At 28 years he proposed to the love of his life … she turned him down!

– He made three tries to get elected to Congress before finally making it at age 37 years.

– His own son died at age 4 years.

– At age 45 years he ran for senate … and lost.

– He ran for vice-presidency at age 47 years … and lost.

You might think by now that this man would say enough is enough, but Abraham Lincoln believed in himself and at age 51 years was elected to be the President of the United States.

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