News from the Nest: Finance & Accounting (March 2015)

Quarterly Job Market Update
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Hot Jobs In Finance & Accounting
AML Metrics and Analysis Manager in Toronto
Intermediate Project Analyst (Capital Planning & Financial Management) in Toronto
Junior Crude Pricing Analyst in Calgary
Intermediate Financial Analyst in Toronto
Production Royalty & Revenue Accountant in Calgary
Team Lead – Bilingual Sr. Consumer Credit Analyst in Toronto
Manager – Internal Audit, Back Office Functions in Toronto
Funding Officer (Bilingual) in TorontoCheck out all of Eagle’s Finance & Accounting jobs here!
Talent Development Centre
Contracting in Good Times and Not-So-Good Times
There are a number of reasons why companies use contractors as part of their staffing strategy; unfortunately, it includes the ability to reduce costs quickly. More…How to Differentiate Yourself from Equally Qualified Candidates
In this video, CareerBuilder interviewed various hiring managers to learn what they feel can differentiate a candidate, aside from their qualifications. More…

Delays in Federal Government Security Clearances and How They’re Improving
Delays and backlogs in the Fed’s security clearance process are causing headaches for independent contractors across Canada. Here’s how it will get better. More…

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Last Month’s Blog Highlights
Practical Tips for Driving Your Day
Many people come to work, do stuff and go home… without thinking too much and certainly with little planning. If you want success you must take charge of your days. Here are some practical tips about how to do that. More…The Continuing Value of a Recruiter to the Client
When hiring managers have a relationship with their recruiter it opens the door for more proactive solutions. More…

The Value of a Recruiter to a Hiring Manager
Recruiters can be a great resource for hiring managers in more than just finding people when you need them! Just one example is in helping you upgrade your team! More…

Feature Articles
The Scientific Way to Remember Everyone’s Name
Halfway through your trip on the elevator with your new coworker, you finally admit it to yourself: You forgot her name. More…Layoff Rumors? Position Yourself for Success After the Pink Slip
Have layoff rumors been floating around your office? The thought of losing your job can leave a lump in your stomach and a sour taste in your mouth. More…

Top 10 Tax and Accounting Mistakes Cost Companies Billions
U.S. businesses amassed nearly $7 billion in IRS civil penalties in 2013 stemming from tax and accounting mistakes. More…

Why Daily Planning is Critical for Focus, Attention and Top Priorities
Recent business news reported that prominent companies like Walmart and Starbucks are starting to think consciously about how they schedule their employees’ work shifts. Why? More…

How Chief Financial Officers Can Become Major Corporate Players
Today, it’s all about strategy — not spreadsheets — and it’s time for CFOs to recognize that their strategic value to the company goes well beyond just keeping the books. More…

5 Career and Life Lessons Learned from Failure
“Failure.” Such a hard word to say… such a hard thing to admit. But then, as we all learn at some point, sometimes things just don’t work out the way that you had intended. More…