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News from the Nest (December 2019)

The final edition of News from the Nest for 2019 features a regional job market update for Montreal, IT Industry News, at the most popular recent TDC posts, including rules for Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption.

IT Industry News – November 2019

The biggest in November 2019 saw Apollo Global taking TechData private in a deal worth $5.4 billion. eBay sold its Stubhub subsidiary to Viagogo; Xerox is selling its stake in Fuji Xerox; Google paid $2.1 billion for Fitbit; and Opentext paid $1.4 billion for Carbonite. Other deals saw Proofpoint buy ObserveIT; DXC Virtual Clarity and Bluleader; Rackspace bought Onica, and Mimecast picked up DMARC Analyzer. One other company in the news was Cognizant, who announced it would be laying off between 10,000 and 12,00 employees. Economic and jobs news around the world was a little mixed, with signs of things slowing in most countries. Some interesting reports this month, with Canada’s privacy commissioner pointing out that 28 million Canadians were affected by corporate hacks or mismanagement. Plus, two separate AI reports suggest different impacts on jobs into the future. Finally, the Global Power 150 list of Women in Staffing was released, with Eagle’s CEO Janis Grantham on the list.

News from the Nest (November 2019)

This month’s edition of News from the Nest includes our regional job market update for British Columbia, IT Industry News for October 2019, plus our most popular recent posts, including IT Contracting Trends for the Final Stretch of 2019.

IT Industry News – October 2019

The economy, while slowing down some, is still quite robust in the US and employment figures around the world are generally positive. Reports continue to suggest things will weaken in 2020 but the threat of a recession seems reduced, always bearing in mind that the ongoing trade wars are not helping. On the M&A side, activity was brisk with the largest deal happening in the robust data center space, Digital Realty paying $8.4 billion for Interxion. There was also a smaller data centre deal that saw Equinix pay for 3 data centres from Axtel; and another data center deal involving ServerFarm buying SNINES. Another big dollar deal saw Thoma Bravo offer $3.4 billion for Sophos. Big name companies out shopping included Intel, Accenture, Microsoft and Telus. Companies making headlines included Microsoft, who are grappling with an activist employee base contesting their government work; HP Inc. who announced significant layoffs; and Oracle who are going to be on a hiring binge.

Eagle Receives Women’s Business Enterprise Certification

Professional Staffing Company an Officially Certified Women-Owned Business

News from the Nest (October 2019)

The October edition of News from the Nest includes a Canadian Job Market Update, the latest news from the IT Industry, and top posts, including “Landing Your First Job in the Tech Sector in Canada”

IT Industry News – September 2019

September 2019 was relatively busy in M&A with Qualcomm’s $3.1 billion acquisition of TDK’s share in a RF joint venture, the largest deal of the month. There were some big names out shopping in September, with Microsoft buying cloud migration company Movere; Facebook bought Wearables company Ctrl-labs (reputedly for big dollars); HP bought endpoint security company Bromium; Western Digital bought Kazan Networks; and Github bought developer tool Semmie. Commvault paid $225 million for cloud software company Hevig and there were a few more smaller deals. Other companies in the news included YouTube who reached a $170 million settlement related to protection and privacy for children; Kik interactive shut down its messaging service; and DoorDash became the latest cyber breach casualty. The jobs numbers were optimistic in Canada, and the US also had good jobs news although the ongoing trade war and potential impeachment have put a negative spin on some of the reports coming out.

News from the Nest (September 2019)

The September 2019 edition of News from the Nest includes a regional job market update for Toronto, Ontario, IT Industry News, plus the hottest posts from the past month including “Work Smart, Not (too) Hard in your Job Search”

IT Industry News – August 2019

August 2019 was a busy month in M&A. The big deal saw Broadcom pay $10.7 billion for Symantec’s security unit. VMWare had a busy month paying $4.8 billion to acquire Carbon Black and Pivotal, and then announcing the acquisition of Intrinsic. BC Partners is paying $2.1 billion to take Presidio private, and Salesforce paid $1.35 billion for ClickSoftware to improve its service capability. Splunk also paid $1.05 billion for SignalFx plus there were a few other “smaller” deals. Other companies in the news included Apple, Google, and Cisco announced layoffs in California. There were also several interesting stories this month related to cyber security and various scams. Major economic indicators in the US were generally positive, although economists have started wondering when the next recession will hit, 2020 or 2021. Canada had mixed job numbers depending upon who you believe and job indicators across the world were generally positive.

News from the Nest (August 2019)

The August edition of News from the Nest includes our IT Industry News for July, a Regional Job Market Update for Ottawa, Ontario and our most recent top Talent Development Centre posts, including “When an Interviewer Asks a Ridiculously Tough (or just ridiculous) Question”.