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News from the Nest (October 2016)

This month’s edition of News from the Nest features our quarterly job market update across Canada, IT industry news, hot jobs, and top posts from the Talent Development Centre.

IT Industry News – September 2016

September 2016 saw a couple of large deals. Tech Data paid $2.6 billion for the technology solutions group of Avnet, and HP paid $1.05 billion for Samsung’s printer business. Other deals included Google, Subway, and Accenture. Economic news was generally positive around the world with a few exceptions, Brazil being the most obvious. The US was fairly positive in most indicators despite the upcoming election and their “interesting” potential presidents. The Canadian outlook seemed generally positive, of course these reports were prior to announcements of carbon taxes. The economy certainly doesn’t “feel” positive. Yahoo had some more bad press, this time for a security breach, and Blackberry announced that it was getting out of the hardware business. A couple of studies looking at emerging technologies saw increasing investment in big data analytics and IoT in the manufacturing sector and a suggestion that robots might only replace 6% of jobs in the future.

News from the Nest (September 2016)

This month’s edition of News from the Nest includes our IT Industry News and highlights from the Talent Development Centre, including job interview and business tips for independent contractors.

Industry News – August 2016

August 2016 saw a fair bit of M&A activity. The largest deal saw global staffing company Randstad buy one of the larger job boards, Monster. A similar sized deal saw Intel shell out $408 million for artificial intelligence company Nervana. Other companies buying included Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Apple, Salesforce, and ScanSource. Cisco was in the news for more layoffs, announcing 5,500 people, approximately 7% of their workforce, will lose their jobs as the company switches its focus from hardware to software. Economic indicators around the globe were not too bad, with the US still talking growth, albeit slightly slower than previously expected. Other markets generally saw positive numbers on employment, except perhaps Mexico and Canada (which lost 31,000 jobs in July). A number of reports looking at emerging tech markets suggest that IoT, Cloud services and Video as a Service are all areas of growth and thus possible areas for investment.

Freelance work expanding to more sectors, report finds

News from the Nest (August 2016)

This month issue features our IT Industry News, Quarterly Job Market Update, industry articles, and top posts, including “What is Stopping You?” and “The Pros and Cons of Being an IT Freelancer”.

IT Industry News – July 2016

July 2016 saw some large deals, with Verizon making two multi-billion dollar acquisitions. Oracle were also out spending big dollars, paying $9.3 billion for cloud-based ERP company, Netsuite. Softbank paid a whopping$32.2 billion for chip designer ARM Holdings. Also joining the July billion dollar club was security vendor Avast, who bought AVG for $1.3 billion. Other deals this month saw Salesforce pay $582 million for cloud-based startup Quip; Google bought video company Anvato; Terradata bought training company Big Data Partnership; and Opentext bought analytics company Recommind. Other companies in the news in July were Microsoft for their continuing layoffs associated with their Nokia purchase and Facebook’s internet drone program reached a milestone with its first flight. Oracle also lost a $3 billion lawsuit to HPE going back to a 2011 decision to not support HP Itanium servers. Things are slow here in Canada, and the US continues to create jobs and show positive signs.

News from the Nest (July 2016)

This month’s edition features Eagle’s Quarterly Job Market Update for Q2, IT Industry News for June 2016, top blog posts including “What Makes a Winner” and “The Benefits of Being an Independent Contractor”, plus interesting articles from across the industry.

Gig economy: Just the ticket for transitioning boomers?

Kevin Dee, former CEO of Eagle Professional Resources, is a boomer in the midst of transition. In his new role as chairman and founder, he steps away from the day-to-day operations of a busy staffing company and is looking at the gig economy as just one potential area for expansion.

IT Industry News – June 2016

June 2016 saw the Brexit vote upsetting the markets and causing uncertainty; plus there was plenty of M&A activity. The big deal was the Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn for a whopping $26 billion. More billion dollar deals included Salesforce paying $2.8 billion for e-commerce platform maker Demandware and Amazon announcing an extra $3 billion investment in its India operations. There were other significant deals by Daetwyler Holdings AG for Raspberry Pi maker Premier Farnell Plc; Red Hat for API management software company 3Scale; and OpenText for HP’s Customer Communication Management products. Additionally, an investment group bought Dell’s software arm; Microsoft bought natural language start up Wand Labs; and Samsung bought cloud computing company Joyent. Google Capital announced its first investment in a public company, investing $46 million in Care.com. The US economic news was less buoyant and Canada continues to show little sign of booming.