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George Bernard Shaw quote bout wrestling with pigsThe label NICE has somehow acquired negative connotations … to be called NICE can be interpreted as boring or “blah”, when people often prefer to be thought of as exciting or interesting.

Sometimes if I describe someone as NICE they take it as an insult! I think that is a raw deal for the NICE people in our lives … because it is the NICE people that make things better!

If you go into a store and the person serving you is NICE … the experience is good.

If you are dealing with a company representative (sales person, executive or customer service rep for instance) and the person is NICE then that experience can be very pleasant.

If you are sitting on a bus, in a coffee shop, in the library etc and your interactions are with NICE people then those experiences are positive.

NICE people are thoughtful, courteous, positive and welcoming.
NICE people do not stress you out.
NICE people smile.
NICE people make you feel better about people in general.

There are plenty of NICE people who are interesting and exciting too!

Don’t devalue the label NICE … it’s the NICE people who make our lives better!

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness.” Katherine Hensen

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