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Nudging Karma?

I was in Canadian Tire the other day chatting with the cashier who was a very cheerful ambassador for the company. She told me that she was feeling especially positive because, for the first time, she had actually written down some goals for herself. Good on her!

I was also recently talking to a very successful woman who describes herself as a fatalist, suggesting that what will be, will be. Its hard to argue success, but perhaps if she “nudged” Karma a little she would be even more successful!

I’m a big believer in taking life into your own hands … write down some goals, make a plan to reach them and continually reassess to see where you are. EVERYONE falls off the wagon now and again (or even often!) but goals help you get back in control.

Not too long ago I wrote a blog entry called Goal Time, which had nothing to do with either the World Cup OR my recent return to the soccer field! It is a pragmatic look at how you could very easily take charge of your life … and just maybe nudge Karma a little in your favor! Take a read, and maybe dip your toe into this goal thing!

2 thoughts on “Nudging Karma?

  1. This is vague and terrible advice. How about understanding that there are different obstacles for different folks depending on economic class, “race”, and gender. You most likely had more opportunity given to you for you to take. Not everyone has opportunity. Try giving Malcom Gladwell’s ‘Outliers” a read. It might help you to understand that it’s not that simple. It might help you to understand that circumstances for most “successful” people were a series of leg ups from other sources. I agree that one must take action to render results but your advice seems perfect for people exactly like YOU. Not for the rest of us. Do you realize that your “cheerful ambassador” hates her job and she is acting just to appease you? Even if you felt comfy with her and felt like she shared something with you she didn’t. And your “good on her” comment about her writing down goals is patronizing. Al she did was write something down.

  2. Kitty, sorry you feel that way. I agree that my ideas and thoughts are certainly not for everyone, and I hope enough people get something out of it.

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