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Old Sales Excuse #11 … All My Client are on Summer Vacation

beach chair and umbrella on the sandWhile we are not enjoying the nicest Summer here in Toronto, it IS the season for vacations.  Along with that comes the old sales excuse that the clients are all away on vacation, so clearly they can’t be expected to (a) have as many client meetings; (b) sell as much as their manager expects; and (c) be expected to put in the same kind of hours as during those cold Winter months!

Some realities:

1.  Client organisations still need to “get things done” during the Summer;

2.  Not everyone goes away at the same time.

3.  Not too many people take the whole Summer off.

4.  If your circle of contacts is so small that they are all away at the same time it is a great time to get out and meet some new people.

5.  Summer provides opportunity to walk outside to your client locations, have coffee on the sidewalk, drink a “cold one” on a patio; and, dare I even say it. get your BEST clients out for a game of golf.

6.  Often there are times when clients may even have more time to meet during the Summer because some of their bosses, or direct reports, will be away too … reducing the demand on their time.

8.  Shareholders and executives have an expectation of results ALL year around.

9.  Putting in less hours during the Summer months, those Friday afternoon client meetings and late sunny afternoon appointments are REALLY obvious!

10.  The only person you are fooling is yourself!

Bottom line … Your boss does not believe you when you use this excuse!

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