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Practice Actually Talking to People … You Just Might Like It!

My friend Sandi Aggerwal, an Ottawa based business owner, feels that our universities might need to add courses designed to teach students how to interact with people … face to face!  He went on to say that the preferred method of communication for people today appears to be email, text and the myriad other electronic media … like BLOGS!  Anything to avoid actual human interaction!

In a recent management meeting one of our managers made a similar observation … if our strategy is to hire new grads and train them to be recruiters we would first need to teach them how to use a telephone!  In his house if the phone rings no one runs!

Times change!

Here are a few thoughts to ponder …

1.  As time goes by the “decision makers” will be more and more from the newer generations who prefer to communicate electronically.

2.  There are still a LOT of people in the work force who like to talk to PEOPLE.

3.  Your business success will depend on being able to CONNECT with ALL of your clients.

What are you doing differently to ensure that you are prepared for that future?

What are you doing NOW to ensure you are not missing that large client base that is a little more people focused?

What will our future look like?  Will we all communicate through tools or will we actually sit and talk over a coffee, a dinner or a golf game?

How many times have you been in a restaurant and seen couples at a table, not talking to each other but rather texting or emailing?  Changing times indeed … and not ALL change is a good thing!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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2 thoughts on “Practice Actually Talking to People … You Just Might Like It!

  1. Great observation, Kevin!

    It has me thinking of of an old marketing axiom – ‘Know your audience!’ This is basically saying that if you want your clients/candidates/family/friends etc. to “buy what you are selling”… you have to pitch it in a way with which they are comfortable.

    This isn’t only true for the message itself, but for the way you approach these people. Some may prefer electronic means for communication. However, many of the “old guard” or senior managers at potential clients prefer to communicate over the phone or face-to-face. Successful salespeople are chameleons, adapting their approach to the needs of their clients… NOT the other way around!

  2. That is bang on Morley … great salespeople figure out how best to interact with their clients, and a one size fits all approach won’t cut it!

    Its also true within companies. Internal selling is critical to achieve goals, and not all staff will respond the same to a one size fits all communication style.

    It forces us all to continually think about how best to communicate.

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