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Productive Busy or Just Busy?

businessman with 6 arms all doing something representing busy-nessEverybody is busy these days … maybe even crazy busy!

The question is … are you being busy doing the right things?

Do you let your day drive you, or do you drive your day?

Some signs that you might be driven by your day …

  • You let emails and phone calls interrupt your flow.
  • You don’t have a To Do list, or you don’t use it effectively … keeping it current and prioritizing tasks.
  • You don’t focus your time on high return activities.
  • You just “do your job” … without thinking about it.
  • You are constantly checking the news or getting updates on the news.  (Applies to sports scores etc)
  • You are chatting to your friends while doing your work tasks.

It is not rocket science … if you really want to be successful then make the most of your time at work!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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